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For a long time I believed that if I could only get up really early, I'd magically get all kinds of stuff done. It turns out, though, that waking up before 5AM and being willing to, say, go to the gym at 5, are separate issues. It's quite cold and dark at 5, at least in January. And anything that ever closes is closed.

Also, being awake and moving is only very loosely related to being alert enough to plan and do things.
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We're back from France. Jet-lagged as all get-out. I'm catching up on email and phone stuff, rather slowly. (Memo -- next time, check hotels for internet access, and respond firmly if they claim it, but don't actually provide it.) Expect us to be kind of incoherent for the next day or two. Including this post, naturally.

For those of you traveling into the US in the next little while, I'd allow about 2.5-3 hours at the airport to get past the extra wave of screening, and plan on your flight being at least an hour delayed besides. We had 3 hours at CDG, and needed 2.5 of them -- but if we'd been 20 minutes later, we would probably have been 45 minutes back in the final queue. They did hold the plane until all the passengers got screened, an hour after scheduled takeoff. Other than that, the flight was normal -- apparently the TSA has got past the idea that all passengers should join hands and pray for deliverance prior to landing, or whatever lunacy they'd dreamed up this time. Customs and immigration were efficient and swift, which is usual for SFO. And that's the news tonight.
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A note in the mail today:

"Since you were summonsed, the needs of the court have changed and you are no longer required to appear for juror service as scheduled. Your service under this summons has been canceled."

Wow. My first ever call to jury duty -- cancelled. Or canceled, as they have it. Will it be another 17 years before I get another? What are the lifetime odds of my being called?
What's the preferred spelling of the past tense of 'cancel', anyway?

Oh, well -- there's plenty to do at work Tuesday.
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Just for those of you who know I've been searching for work for a while -- I've received and accepted a very good offer from Small Biotech Company, Inc.

I start Wednesday. If I break into the theme from "I Dream of Jeannie" periodically, that's why.
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Just a quick note -- If I'm less evident than usual in the next couple of weeks, don't be surprised. We have a house guest coming in for a week on Tuesday, then Thanksgiving (with a different set of houseguests). Oh, and we're gaming on Sunday, and there's a MASSFILC meeting Saturday.

Do you really have to ask if the house is ready for all that? I didn't think so.


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