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My Initial appointment with a new primary care doctor was today. Less unpleasant than that kind of thing usually is. We'll see how we settle in.

Afterwards, I stopped by the SOMA Tart-to-Tart, and got an almond croissant which was so bad I wouldn't eat it, and a we-don't-clean-the-machine double espresso -- also abandoned in place. Not recommended.

I headed a couple of blocks to the Peets' near the Cartoon Art Museum. Their almond croissant was much better, and I had a nice cup of tea to accompany it.

After this refreshing interlude, I dropped by the Cartoon Art Museum itself. I'd seen the Snow White and webcomics exhibitions, but the Spain Rodriguez exhibit was well worthwhile -- and a style I don't get much exposure to normally.

It's funny -- I'm about a 10-minute walk from a BART station, and from there, downtown is maybe another 15 minutes including waiting for the train. But it's perceptually way outside my home range. Meanwhile, the ocean is about 15 minutes by car, and it's inside my range. Go figure.
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New job good, but quite time-consuming. Pretty good weekend, including visiting the Peabody-Essex Museum. Weather warm, which is very bad -- the ash trees have deployed their Pods of Death two months ahead of schedule. Lara is basically housebound until the evil tree-flowers abate, and we don't know if frost or snow will stop the pollens.


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