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So I got a deal on a couple pounds of oxtails. I braised them; It turned out very nicely. There are all these recipes for them, but usually the damn things cost more than steak. While they're not tastier than steak or brisket, it turns out they're pretty good, as long as you're comfortable with the obvious connection between your dinner and the cow. I browned all surfaces of the oxtail parts in a frying pan, reading a book because at 5 min. per side, it takes quite a while. I drained off the excess fat and put everything in a 3qt Dutch oven, added a cup of beef bouillon and a cup of wine, brought things to a boil, and put the covered dish into a 300F oven. Then I got ambitious -- I went to the corner store for carrots, green onions, and mushrooms. I also picked some rosemary and thyme from the garden. Cooked the veg in the frying pan, bundled up the herbs in a bouquet garni, and added the lot to the braise. Then I cut the top off a whole head of garlic and plopped it in on top to roast. 3 hours later, I pulled the meat onto a plate, put the garlic to one side, and forced the vegetables through a sieve to enrich the sauce. The garlic got squeezed into the sauce too. Then I had to de-fat it -- there was a good cup of fat on top of the aqueous layer. A quick binding with cornstarch, and we have braised oxtails with red wine sauce for dinner. I served roast broccoli and baked potatoes with it, since the oven was hot anyway.
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